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Third National Action Plan 2018-2020

We developed New Zealand’s Third National Action Plan in 2018. The Plan’s 12 Commitments are listed below and in the Resources section we’ve published the Plan and related documents, including records from key stages of the Plan’s development.  The ‘how’ of plan implementation will be very important – we will be learning how to make the most of New Zealand’s diversity to improve our collective wellbeing and strengthen our democracy.


  1. Engagement with Parliament
  2. Youth Parliament
  3. School Leavers’ Toolkit
  4. Making New Zealand’s secondary legislation readily accessible
  5. Public participation in policy development
  6. Service design
  7. Official information
  8. Review of government algorithms
  9. Increase the visibility of government’s data stewardship
  10. Monitoring the effectiveness of public body information management practices
  11. Authoritative dataset of government organisations as open data for greater transparency
  12. Open procurement


The Third National Action Plan and associated documents produced during development of the Plan are published below:

The relevant Cabinet papers for the Third National Action Plan were proactively released on 18 September, after Ministers had considered the draft Plan and approved its release for public comment. These documents are available on the State Services Commission’s website:

We provided this advice to the Minister of State Services to finalise the Plan, having considered feedback on the draft Plan:

All feedback was assessed and referred to the relevant Lead Agencies for a response. Some additional detail was added to the Commitments, and other matters will be addressed in progress reports. The last section, Our Journey, was updated.

We’ve complied a summary of the comments from individuals and civil society organisations and how agencies responded. Some comments were identified as out-of-scope for this purpose though may be relevant for consideration for the next Plan. There’s also a link to on-line comments, plus PDFs of comments sent by email:

The Third National Action Plan was developed and published for comment on 20 September 2018, with four weeks for the public to provide feedback on this draft:

See what happened to all the ideas that were posted on-line and developed at workshops to contribute to this Plan:

The draft plan has been developed in these phases:

April – May 2018: generating ideas through an online forum and public workshops and identifying emerging themes

June – July 2018: synthesising the ideas into priority themes and developing potential two-year commitments.

August – September 2018: providing advice to Ministers on the draft plan and commitments to be included.

September – October 2018: seeking public comment on the draft plan to inform advice to the Government to finalise the National Action Plan 2018-20.

November 2018: lodging the National Action Plan 2018-20 with the OGP Secretariat.

Resources published during the development of the plan, the detailed themes, ideas linked to themes and flip charts from the workshops in May 2018, are here:

Development Timeline

April – May 2018

You can talk to us through social media (Twitter and LinkedIn), post ideas on our online discussion forum and register to attend one of the workshops.

The deadline for posting your ideas is 31 May 2018.  This will ensure your ideas can contribute to development of commitments in the next National Action Plan.

June – July 2018

You will able to comment on the themes and ideas that have emerged from the workshops over this period.

We will be working with representatives from interested groups and from the workshops, as well as officials from government agencies, to distil the ideas into draft commitments for consideration by responsible Ministers and Cabinet.

August – September 2018

The plan will be finalised and we will be preparing for implementation.